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Physical activity is important for everyone, whether you're a child or an older adult. However, during the teen years, exercise is more crucial than ever.

Teenagers can gain so many things by getting involved in physical activity. Some of the most appealing benefits include weight maintenance, strong muscles, good posture, stress relief, and overall happiness!

Exercise can be a fun way for teens to manage all their crazy hormones and simply have a fun time with friends. If you're a teen and you'd like to stay active, take a look at these six online exercise classes.

1. 8-Minute Back-to-School Workout for Teens

Between studying, after-school activities, and maintaining a social life, fitting exercise into the picture can be hard for a teenager. Luckily, Joanna Soh has a quick and effective workout that'll only take you eight minutes.

Joanna's workout class consists of pretty hardcore exercises like squats, burpees, and mountain climbers. The interval times are 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. At the end of the workout, you'll get a well-deserved stretch.

This workout session is not only short and sweet, but it doesn't require any exercise equipment either. So grab your sneakers and exercise mat, bang out a quick workout, and you'll still have time to study for your exam.

If you're interested in longer workouts, Joanna's YouTube channel is full of different videos, from online kickboxing classes to strength training.

2. 10-Minute Full-Body Quiet Workout For Teens at Home

As a teenager, you might feel self-conscious about working out in front of people or going to the gym. Jo's quick, 10-minute workout is perfect and quiet enough to do in the comfort of your bedroom.

Jo mentions that exercising doesn't have to be boring, and this workout session proves how true that is! Jo silently guides you as the timer counts you down and then shows you the next move on the right of the screen. This is especially fun because you can dance and sing along to the fun, upbeat music.

The workout begins with a quick two-minute warm-up session, and from there you get into intervals of 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. At the end of the workout, you join Jo for a few cool-down stretches.

The great thing about the growwithjo YouTube channel is the massive collection of free workouts available. Feel like dancing off the calories? Try some of her dance workout videos. Want to really feel the burn? Take a look at her dumbbell strength playlist.

3. 15-Minute No-Jumping Workout for Kids and Teens

Physical activity is important for teens because it's laying down the foundations of your life in the future. So if you're fit and healthy now, you'll be that way later in life too!

The incredibly popular Emi Wong has created a fun, 15-minute workout for kids and teens to take part in. The home workout consists of 30 exercises in Tabata format, which means 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Some of the exercises you'll be doing are jumping jacks, inchworms, and low punches. Emi also mentions that you can repeat the workout a few times if you want to work up more of a sweat.

Emi Wong's YouTube channel is well known for the range of diverse workout classes, whether you're looking for a quick K-pop workout or an hour-long full-body home workout class.

4. At-Home Workout Led by Teenagers

Kendrick Chavez is all about encouraging kids and teens to keep moving, get fit, and live a healthier lifestyle. He may still only be a teenager himself, but he'll make you feel inspired and motivated to get up and go.

In this at-home workout video, which is led by teens, you won't need any fancy equipment except some water, a towel, and an exercise mat. The workout begins with warm-ups like running in place and jumping jacks, followed by more intense moves like lunges and tricep kicks.

Kendrick's online classes almost always involve other teens working out alongside him, so you'll feel like you're working out with a group of your friends.

If you ever feel like you don't have the drive to exercise, visit Kendrick's YouTube channel right away. And remember, if they can do it, then so can you!

5. Complete Full-Body Teen Workout for Beginners

Regular physical exercise can help teenagers boost their energy levels, release tension, improve their self-image, and get rid of anxiety.

This workout will leave you feeling energized and inspired by young Danny, who is only 14 years old but believes in daily exercise to stay in shape. Danny's online exercise class start with a quick warm-up, followed by workout intervals of 45 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest.

The exercises consist of jumping jacks, push-ups, and high knees, which are all fairly easy to do but will certainly make you sweat. Additionally, the energetic dance music will persuade you to get up and move!

Because Danny's workout will only take 12 minutes of your time, you can get it done in the morning before you go to school or in the afternoon when you come home. Danny's YouTube channel, KlikKluK, is full of fun, family-friendly exercise classes, so be sure to take a look.

6. 20-Minute No Equipment Full-Body Workout for Teens

Kristen's YouTube channel, K's Perfect Fitness TV, is all about daily movement, fitness, and inspiring others to stay healthy. In this workout class, she's made a point to design a 20 minute, full-body workout that is perfectly suited for teenagers.

This effective beginner-friendly workout doesn't need a lot of space, nor any exercise equipment, apart from a mat, so teens can easily do it anywhere they please.

The 20-minute class starts with a short three-minute warm-up. Next, some supersets, which includes exercises like sumo squats, mountain climbers, crunches, and V-sits. Lastly, there is a plank challenge, which will leave you feeling an intense burn.

Teens Will Love These Fun Online Workout Classes

For most teenagers, physical exercise can make them feel overwhelmed and embarrassed, but it doesn't have to be that way. The solution is to start off small with easy, quick, beginner exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

These six awesome online workout classes are perfect for teens who want to stress less, sleep better, improve grades, and gain a more positive perspective on life.

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