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Bollywood dance workouts are lively and energetic, making them a great form of aerobic exercise. Not only is Bollywood dancing fun to do, but it's also beneficial for you as it tones your body, relieves stress, and maintains weight.

If you'd like to listen to catchy music and pretend you're a Bollywood star, all while burning calories, then a Bollywood dance workout is for you. Here, we'll look at eight fun Bollywood dance workout classes available on YouTube.

1. Dance With Deepti's 30-Minute Bollywood Dance Beginner Workout

Just like a K-pop dance workout, Bollywood dance workouts are fantastic if you want to have fun while working up a sweat. However, many people don't feel comfortable doing a dance routine in front of others. Don't stress; the Dance With Deepti YouTube channel features over 50 Bollywood dance workouts that you can do at home.

You'll be spoiled for choice on Deepti's channel, so you might not know where to start. This 30-minute beginner dance workout is an excellent place to begin. The workout routine features a lovely warm-up to get your body's natural rhythm going, and all the steps are easy to follow.

2. Growwithjo's Bollywood Dance Party Beginner Workout

Growwithjo's Bollywood dance workout leaves you feeling reinvigorated but, at the same time, incredibly sweaty! Now get ready to shrug your shoulders, sway your hips, and tone your arms and legs.

For those who are Bollywood fans, join Jo and dance along to hits like Morni Banke, Nadiyon, and Jalebi Baby. Apart from being full of fun, this workout is short and sweet, making it perfect for beginners.

Jo's YouTube channel has a great selection of other dance party workouts, so depending on your mood, you can move like Rihanna, Britney Spears, or the Black Eyed Peas.

3. PopSugar Fitness Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance Workout

Bollywood dancing is all about rhythm and coordination; this next workout class customizes it enough to create an amazing cardio workout.

Master trainer, Janani Chalaka, guides you through this energetic Bollywood dance workout on the PopSugar Fitness YouTube channel. The exercise is only 10 minutes long, so you can get a good sweat going even on a hectic day. Also, Janani is nice enough to break down the moves before the routine, making the choreography easy to follow.

If you love Bollywood music and dancing, you won't regret checking out the Bombay Jam YouTube channel for more Bollywood dance workout videos.

4. Fitness Dance With Rahul's Bollywood Dance Workout For Beginners

Do you want to channel your inner Hrithik Roshan and feel like a famous Bollywood star? If so, you need to try out this 30-minute Bollywood dance workout for beginners.

You'll absolutely love this dance workout. Not only is the music catchy and the moves exciting, but it's rigorous enough to burn some serious calories. The 30-minute workout consists of a warm-up, the main activity, and a nice cool-down at the end to bring your heart rate down.

Rahul's infectious smile and energetic spirit make you want to come back for more classes. So, visit the Fitness Dance With Rahul YouTube channel for a range of different dance workout videos.

5. Dhruvi Shah Dance's Bollywood Dance Workout at Home

Whether you're a newbie or an experienced dancer, this is a feel-good workout class that you can do from home. Dhruvi Shah's 20-minute workout has no repeats of the steps, so you can work up a sweat without getting bored.

You'll have so much fun in this Bollywood dance class that you won't even realize you've been exercising for 20 minutes. Besides the dance moves that leave you feeling amazing, you'll enjoy listening to the unique music! The playlist features Bollywood hits like Haan Main Galat and Dheeme Dheeme.

If you enjoy watching Dhruvi Shah and her at-home dance workout, don't forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel. Here, you'll find a selection of other upbeat Bollywood dance workout classes.

6. Emi Wong's 10-Minute Bollywood HIIT Workout

Bollywood dancing is an effective way to tone muscles, build endurance, and increase strength. However, you don't have to do it for long to see and feel the results.

For a quick, heart-pumping dance workout, follow along with this video where Emi Wong and her friend, Hanisha, do a Bollywood-style workout together.

The dance workout routine consists of plenty of fat-burning moves like the Bollywood Penguin, Bhangra jumping jack, and namaste lunge. Take a look at Emi's YouTube channel if you're interested in other exercise options such as HIIT, walking cardio, and Tabata workout classes.

7. Workout With Sabah's 15-Minute Bollywood Dance Workout

Sabah's at-home Bollywood dance workout is perfect for those who don't have the money or the time to go to the gym daily. Also, is going to the gym really as fun as dancing like a Bollywood movie star?

The Workout with Sabah YouTube channel has several enjoyable dance workouts to help you learn how to dance. Bollywood lovers will adore Sabah's videos, whether you have 15 minutes or 45 minutes to spare.

This particular 15-minute dance class is a very high-energy activity, so you'll be sweating and smiling when you're done. The workout includes a warm-up and cool-down; this helps you avoid injuries and sore muscles.

8. Rangeela Dance Company's Bollywood Dance Cardio 15-Minute Workout

Whether you're new to dancing or a professional, Bollywood dance workouts are fun exercise classes to do with the whole family. So why not give this one a go?

Follow along with the lead instructor, Monika, who is an expert in Bollywood fitness, Zumba, and water aerobics. Additionally, the two other instructors will show you high and low-impact variations of the dance moves.

At only 15 minutes long, you might not think this workout is long enough to make you sweat. However, you'll definitely need to keep your water bottle and towel close by.

Dance Workout Classes to Make You Move Like a Bollywood Star

Whether or not you invite your friends over for a dance party or go at it alone, Bollywood dance workouts are a fantastic way to exercise.

Because it's such fun, you'll find yourself reaping other benefits besides shedding a few pounds and toning your muscles. Moreover, Bollywood dancing can help you brush off your worries, get rid of a bad mood, and escape into the story of the song.

So, why not have a crack at Bollywood dance workouts? Take a look at these eight classes on YouTube, and you might find it's something you really enjoy!

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