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Treadmill deals can save you some cash. Here, a woman jogs on a home treadmill.
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These treadmill deals will grab you a bargain, helping you save on that ultimate treadmill you've been craving for your home gym. Whether you're a running novice or a seasoned strider, treadmills can help you achieve your fitness goals. Choosing the right treadmill at the best price can be very time-consuming. There are so many treadmills to choose from and prices change all the time. Live Science has done the legwork for you to bring together all the best treadmill deals you can take advantage of right now! 

Running is a simple and often fun way to tone muscles, improve bone health, reduce stress and of course lose weight. On average, a person burns 100 calories for every mile they run, according to the Mayo Clinic. The only problem is that getting outside for a run isn't always easy or practical. It can also be a drag, especially during the often cold, wet and windy winter months. That's where home treadmills come in. These treadmill deals let you get the same benefits as running outside without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

There are a few things to consider when buying your dream treadmill like space availability, fitness needs and budget. We'll regularly update this hub with information on the latest in stock and available discounted treadmills to help you make the right choice. If you want to get more out of your runs, be sure to check out our guides to the best running watches and the best running shoes. Also don't miss our exercise bikes deals and our rowing machine deals. 

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Treadmill deals

Which treadmill deal is right for you?

What should you look out for with treadmill deals? First consider how much space you have, your budget and any features you need, like speed or incline options. When looking for treadmills in stock bear in mind that the more basic treadmills don’t tend to speed or incline, but they are a good starter running machine for people new to running and home gym equipment.

Live in an apartment or short on space? Foldable treadmills might be worth considering or you can also find running machines in stock that are super compact and lightweight so they don’t overwhelm your home. 

Your height will also play a role in the size of belt you’ll need. If you’re over 6 feet (182 cm) tall, then you’ll want one at least 48” by 52” for walking and 54” for running. If you want a treadmill that fits under the desk so you can work while you walk, then a small machine will be the best investment. Another important factor is noise: Check out specs and reviews to find out whether your machine is relatively quiet for a better exercise experience. 

Treadmills on sale

Famistar W500C Portable Folding Electric Treadmill deal

Treadmill deals: image shows Famistar 12 Running Program Portable Folding Electric Treadmill

(Image credit: Walmart)

Famistar W500C Portable Folding Electric Treadmill

Best treadmill for walking

Weight limit: : 240lbs | Dimensions: 55.1" x 24.2" x 41.3" | Dimensions (Folded): 17.7" x 24.2" x 48.8" | Running belt: : 15.7” x 43.3” | Programs:: 12 | Incline:: No | Max speed: : 6.2mph | Motor: : 1.5 HP | Foldable: | Comes with two knee straps :

Folding treadmill 


No incline 

Small running surface 

This is an entry-level treadmill with no ability to increase the incline. However, this treadmill is so affordable that this omission can be forgiven. It’s worth noting that this treadmill has a small walking area, as it’s designed for lighter people who are walkers or joggers rather than heavy-duty runners. It comes with 12 programs and is great value as a starter treadmill. For those who are short of space and want something that’s capable of being compact, this treadmill folds away. Other features include a built-in USB port, an audio jack, speakers and heart rate pulse grips. 

XTERRA TR6.6 Treadmill deal

Treadmill deals: Image shows Xtera TR6.6 treadmill

(Image credit: Xtera)

XTERRA TR6.6 Treadmill

Best treadmill for gym quality

Weight limit: : 350lbs | Dimensions: 78.9” x 35” x 57.1” | Dimensions (Folded): 38.6” x 35” x 73” | Running belt: : 20” x 60” | Programs: 12 | Incline: 15% | LCD screen: 7.5” | Max speed:: 12 mph | Motor: : 3.0HP | Foldable: | Lifetime warranty on frame and motor:

Handlebar controls 

Wide running surface 



This great value treadmill has everything you need, featuring running settings that are perfect for anyone ranging from beginner to pro. It can withstand 20+ hours of use a week thanks to its wide running belt and deck cushioning, which can support up to 159kg (350lbs). This treadmill also has an in-built shock absorbing system, which is designed to be joint-friendly and can help reduce risk of injury. Meanwhile, the deck has a two-ply belt and industrial grade 2.36” rollers with ball bearings for smooth motion, which should help make it super durable.  

Famistar 9028S 3.2HP Portable Folding Electric treadmill deal

Treadmill deals: Famistar 3.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill

(Image credit: Walmart)

Famistar 3.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill

Best treadmill for first-time treadmill owners

Weight limit: : 300lbs | Dimensions:: 61.40” x 27.50” x 49.20” | Dimensions (Folded):: 26.7” x 27.5” x 53.1” | Running belt: : 47.2” x 16/5” | Programs: 12 | Incline: 15% | Max speed: : 9 mph | Display: LCD | Motor: : 3.25 HP | Foldable: | Speaker: Inbuilt hi-fi MP3 | Includes two free knee straps:

Large running surface 

Handrail controls 


Tablet doesn’t fit on control panel 

With a shock-absorbing running belt and a hi-fi MP3 speaker system, the Famistar 3.2HP Portable Folding Electric treadmill has an auto incline setting and AUX port for your phone to play your favourite running tracks. Impressively, this treadmill folds up to less than 30 square inches and it features 12 programs to choose from and a powerful 3.25HP motor. The Famistar 3.2HP also comes with handrail controls and is designed to be super easy to both set up and fold away. 

UMAY Portable Under Desk treadmill deal

Treadmill deals: UMAY Portable Under Desk treadmill

(Image credit: Walmart)

UMAY Portable Under Desk treadmill

Best treadmill for office use

Weight limit: : 198lbs | Dimensions: 57.9” x 23.6” x 8.9” | Running belt: : 45.3” x 16.1” | Programs: 12 | Max speed: : 4 mph | Motor: : 1.5HP | Foldable:

Compact and quiet 

Stows under desk or sofa 

Time limit on warranty 

Quite heavy  

Designed for walking and light jogging, the lightweight UMAY Portable Under Desk treadmill is great for home offices and people short of space. It has a shock-absorbing surface that’s designed to be easy on the joints, a durable steel frame and a wireless remote control feature. One of the main downsides is that you can’t go too fast on this treadmill, as the speed limit is just 4mph. However, you can still work up a good sweat by speed walking or light jogging, making this treadmill great for heart health and improving overall cardiovascular fitness.  

Treadmill accessories deals

Looking for some great treadmill accessories deals? Protect your floor with the waterproof, non-slip Famistar treadmill trainer floor mat ($39.99). It also doubles up as an exercise mat when you want to take your workout to the floor, or do a cool down or stretch session. XTERRA also has a deal on its treadmill mat , currently $44.99, down from $54.99. The 3” x 7” mat is 6mm thick to dampen vibrations and reduce noise, as well as protect floors from scratches and scrapes.

Working out on a treadmill can be a sweaty business. Cool down with this AMACOOL battery-operated clip on fan for $28.99, down from its original price of $35.99.

Safety key stopped working or lost? This universal magnet replacement safety key is compatible with NordicTrack, Proform, Reebok, Epic, Golds Gym, Weslo and Freemotion, and easily clamps to clothing. 

No screen holder on your treadmill? The JUBOR tablet mount is compatible with 4.7” x 12.9" screens so you can read, watch TV or even join Zoom meetings while you work out.

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