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Opti 50kg Home Multi Gym_side view
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Even though lockdowns may be a thing of the past, many of us still prefer to work out in our homes. Plus gym memberships aren't cheap either, so why not set up a home gym? Whether you’ve got a dedicated home gym or you simply push your dining table aside to make room for a makeshift exercise space, having the right equipment to suit you is important. And now’s a good time to get kitted out: Argos is offering 33% off a range of fitness gear with code fitsave .

It doesn’t matter if your new year’s resolution went out of the window by the second week of January. There’s still time to get in shape – in fact, no time is better than the present. Whether you’re looking for a new set of weights, an exercise machine that folds away when you’re not using it, or a pro treadmill, Argos’ sale has something for you. We’ve picked out a handful of the best deals, which you can find below.

There are loads of fitness and workout items on sale at Argos, but we've picked out some of our favourites below.

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Live Science

The space-saving Opti Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike is a fantastic choice for people who can't keep their workout gear set-up 24/7, as it can be packed away between workouts, And when it is in use, a handy built-in screen will let you know how long you’ve been working out for, how many calories you’ve burned, and the speed you’re travelling, and heart rate sensors in the handles can keep track of your pulse. There’s an easy-to-adjust seat, and a magnetic resistance system so you can make your workout as tough as you’d like.

And if you want to work out the guns as well as your legs, then you can pick up this 2 x 3kg Opti Neoprene Dumbbell set at a decent discount too. Weight training can benefit your whole body, particularly your arms, shoulders, and upper back. If 3 kg weights don’t suit, Opti also makes 2 kg, 4 kg, and 5 kg varieties, all 1/3 off.

Running fans should check out the deal on the Pro Fitness T1000 Folding Treadmill. Its 24 pre-installed programs can help guide your workout, or you can simply set off running, using the on-board screen to let you know how far and how fast you’re travelling. There’s built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can blast your own tunes as you go, and when it’s not in use it folds up, ready to be stored away until next time.

For the complete experience, we'd also recommend the Opti Home Multi Gym, which allows you to work out just about any part of your body with a built-in weight stack providing 65 kg maximum resistance. There’s everything you need here for front presses, back leg curls, low rows, triceps presses, and more.