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Working out is an excellent way to unwind from work and personal responsibilities—unless you’re continually interrupted by notifications. Whether you check your phone or not, the extra noise of those notifications may distract you from your session and impact your performance.

Still, you might worry that you’ll miss something important if you turn them off completely. That’s where your iPhone’s Focus feature comes in handy. Learn how to set up a fitness Focus so you can have peace of mind while enjoying the silence.

How to Create a Workout Focus on Your iPhone

If you're new to the feature, Apple's Focus feature is like a more configurable version of Do Not Disturb. While you could already turn on Do Not Disturb as needed, there are times when you can be more open to communication or need to make sure certain people get through. The most common uses for Focus modes are work, sleep, and personal time, but your workouts might require a different level of restrictions.

To create a fitness Focus, go to Settings and scroll until you find the Focus menu with the moon icon. Then, go into the Focus settings and tap the Plus button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Your iPhone will ask what you want to focus on and give you some options to start with, including fitness, gaming, driving, and work. If you’ve already created a fitness Focus, you won’t find it in the list. Instead, go back to the previous menu and open your existing fitness Focus from the list to manage its settings.

One of the most important steps in creating a Focus on your iPhone is determining who can get through to you. Some Focus modes are easier to set up than others. If you have a work Focus, it’s likely you’ll want your boss, coworkers, or clients to get through to you on various apps.

When it comes to working out, it may be best to treat it much like you would if you were sleeping. Think of it as your time to exercise and unwind, and since you’ll only be out of reach for a brief period, it's probably fine to block out everyone but the people you’d want to reach you in an emergency. Limit it to people and apps that would need your attention right away.

If you’ve already set up a Favorites list with the same people, you can simply select the Favorites option to allow calls from that group. If you want a particular person to get through on more than one app, you can add them to the Allowed People section.

Additionally, on the next screen, you’ll have the choice to toggle Allow Repeated Calls on or off. This simply means that if someone outside of the people you allow tries to call you more than once in a short period of time, your phone will deem it urgent and let the call or message come through.

Limit What Apps Can Reach You

Like the contacts you let through, the apps you allow to send notifications are also a matter of personal preference. But remember that your workout session is likely only a short period to go without notifications.

Since you want your attention to stay on the activity for optimal results, consider only letting apps with urgent notifications through. However, if you use Apple Fitness or another workout app and you want to receive notifications from it, place it in the Allowed Apps section.

Meanwhile, if you use the Workout app on an Apple Watch and you don't want Siri to announce your milestones, you can turn off Voice Feeback and your watch will chime to notify you instead.

Automate Your Focus Mode

The fitness Focus is unique from other Focus modes in that you configure it to turn on automatically when you start an Apple Watch workout. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, or you’d prefer to toggle it on manually, you can skip this.

Like all iOS Focus modes, you can also schedule your Fitness focus to turn on at a scheduled time. However, you may find that this feature is only useful for activities that always start and stop at the same time.

Find Balance With Your Fitness Focus

The iPhone’s Focus feature is an excellent way to quiet your mind during work, sleep, and play. It’s especially beneficial during your workouts, as it allows you to concentrate on the task at hand and get the most out of your session.

If you find you haven’t been able to exercise without interruption, the Fitness Focus may be the solution you’re looking for.


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