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One of the most feature-rich free exercise apps available, the Nike Training Club app will turn just about any space into your personal gym. Its broad workout library includes workout videos, trainer-led classes, and articles focused on fitness and wellness advice. In addition, the app offers multi-week programs focused on fitness basics, core work, yoga, and more. Here's how to make the most of your Nike Training Club download and turn your phone or tablet into a personal trainer.

How to Navigate the Nike Training Club App

When you first open the app, the Home screen displays whatever content is newest in the Nike Training Club app. To access the library of exercises, navigate to the Workouts tab at the bottom of the screen.

Under the Browse tab, you can review workouts based on different muscle groups, focuses, and equipment. The Muscle Group tab opens up different exercises for your abs, arms, and legs. Meanwhile, the Workout Focus section offers different tabs based on endurance, mobility, strength, and yoga.

Lastly, the Equipment section has different exercises based on your access: basic equipment, a full setup, or no equipment. Don't worry if you're away from a gym, because there is no shortage of workouts that require absolutely no gear.

Download: Nike Training Club for iOS | Android (Free)

Playing Workout Videos in Nike Training Club

After selecting one of the hundreds of workouts videos, hit the download button and get going. A narrator will guide you through push-ups, burpees, squats, and all the other types of exercises in your workout. Each workout presents a full list of exercises, so you'll know what's coming next. The narrator announces each individual exercise, names the number of reps, and offers advice about tempo and effort. Plus, you can peek at the athlete demonstrating each exercise to check your form.

For a different type of experience, try the Whiteboard Workouts. Similar to what you might find in a gym, this drill training offers a structured approach to exercise. Deadbugs, reverse crunches, and hip flexor stretches are some of the exercises included in this section.

Follow Trainer-Led Classes on Nike Training Club

If you prefer a more personal approach to your workouts, then the trainer-led classes are definitely worth a watch. Trainers bring the energy, motivation, and even humor of a workout buddy right to your phone or tablet.

For example, the 5-Min Bodyweight Burn: Core Wake-Up Call video from Tara Nichols helps work your core while following Nichol's upbeat and encouraging guidance. You can also join real-time workouts on occasion; keep an eye out for live-streaming classes from your favorite trainers.

Explore Nike Training Club's Workout Programs

If scrolling through dozens of exercise videos makes your head spin, then start out with one of the app's in-depth fitness programs. These multi-week training programs take away the guesswork and give you a solid training foundation for one to eight weeks. Joining a program makes blending these workouts into your daily routine super simple. You can take on daily yoga practice, work at HIIT training, build strength, and more with the scheduled programs. And reminders will help keep your new training goals in sight.

The Kickstart Fitness With the Basics program, for instance, provides three workouts a week for four weeks. You'll learn essential fitness skills from the ground up, including tips on building upper- and lower-body strength and techniques to help prevent injury.

Celebrate Your Successes on Nike Training Club’s Activity Page

Keep track of your workout history and achievements under the Activity tab. The History view keeps a running tally of your workout total, as well as the number of minutes you have spent exercising. You can also scroll through a list of completed workouts, in case you want to revisit a favorite later on.

The Achievements view is a motivational tool that shows off your trophies, milestones, and streaks. You can also share achievements on social media to flex on your followers. If you are already a fan of using the Nike Run Club app, then the achievements screen will look familiar.

Check Out the Nutrition and Wellness Sections

Although it's primarily a fitness app, Nike Training Club also offers advice on food choices and overall wellbeing. From the Workouts screen, navigate to the Expert Tips section for advice on everything from nutrition to sleep.

With a selection of recipes and advice from experts, the nutrition section offers a wealth of information about food selection. Plus, healthy recipes like the grilled watermelon and feta salad look simply delicious. For more foodie-focused coverage, check out the healthy cooking apps that are perfect for beginners.

The Recovery tab offers up advice about this often-overlooked aspect of the workout, while the Mindset tab is all about habits, goals, and accountability. Lastly, the Sleep tab has a selection of articles about how to wind down and set the stage for a great night's rest. If this piques your interest, then you should try one of the many apps to help promote sleep.

Connect With Friends on Nike Training Club

Because workout buddies make it easier to stick with a program, there's also a social section on Nike Training Club. To connect, navigate to the Community Activity screen and click the Add button. Allow the app to access your contacts to start some friendly workout competitions.

Note that Nike Training Club is not the only option here. There is also a whole selection of fun, social workout apps for people who thrive with a little team effort.

Boost Your Home Workouts With the Nike Training App

As far as free workout apps go, few can compete with Nike Training Club for the sheer amount of available features. With its huge workout library, you get access to just about everything you need to work on your fitness everywhere.

Whether you want to start a yoga practice or engage in some energetic strength-building classes, Nike Training Club has an exercise routine for nearly everyone. Check it out for access to heart-pumping workout sessions at any time.


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