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The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill is a well-made, top-of-the-range machine with impressive features and endless workouts to help you reach your fitness goals.


  • Solid commercial machine
  • Great incline and decline range
  • Meaty motor
  • Big user-friendly touchscreen


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Pricey
  • Needs two people to assemble
  • Need an iFit Live subscription for content

Runners rejoice! The NordicTrack X22i treadmill has everything you’re looking for in a home running machine – and more. Solid, sturdy and well made, it comes with a wealth of high-tech features that will keep you busy for years to come.

This gym-quality treadmill is as impressive as it is imposing, with a wider than a normal running deck, powerful but quiet 4.25 CHP motor and thousands of workouts to choose from via the iFit app (this comes free for 30 days with your purchase, price thereafter $39/month). Sure, it's one of the best treadmills, but it isn't the cheapest option.

NordicTrack Commercial 2950: Key specs

Dimensions: 81” x 39” x 76” Weight: 505lbs (in-box weight) Tread belt size: 22” x 60” Max user weight: 300lbs Display: 22” HD tilt and pivot touchscreen Speed: 0-12mph Incline: -5% to 40% Warranty: 10 year warranty (frame), 2-year parts and labor Workouts: 40 pre-programmed workouts, plus live classes and 16K+ on-demand Other features: Bluetooth connectivity, foldable, 30-day iFIT Family Membership, 30 W speakers

The NordicTrack X22i treadmill is not cheap at $3999, and it takes up a lot of space, but what you get in return is a high-performing, well-designed bit of home gym equipment that will last a lifetime.

The tilt and pivot 22” HD touchscreen is a huge draw and has bright graphics and intuitive features. But the highlight for us is the incline and decline range – from -5% to 40%. This means you can really advance your training with hill runs, interval training and speed walks. The decline option is rare to find on treadmills so this adds another level to your workouts and keeps things interesting.

We love how the NordicTrack X22i treadmill is so quiet, even when running at max speed. Put a mat under the treadmill to further reduce noise levels.

This is a serious contender for one of the best treadmills we’ve ever used, and we can’t fault the huge array of workouts available on the iFit app, which cater to different fitness levels and tastes with ease.

Whether you are new to running or a dedicated runner, you will get a lot out of the NordicTrack X22i so if you’ve got the room, and the budget, it’s a no-brainer.

NordicTrack X22i: Set up

NordicTrack X22i on white background

(Image credit: NordicTrack)

It’s relatively easy to set up the NordicTrack X22i treadmill (it should take about 45 minutes), but because of its size and weight, you’ll need two people for the assembly process as a minimum. 

The high-grade commercial machine has a huge 22” touchscreen display with dual  speakers and two inbuilt fans. It looks like a treadmill you’d find in the gym, with incline and speed buttons on the console and an emergency stop. It’s well designed and feels sturdy and solid when you step onto it.

Simply hit start to get going, or tap the touchscreen to choose a live or on-demand workout (via the iFit app as part of a free 30-day trial). The NordicTrack X22i treadmill has a meaty 4.25 continuous horsepower (CHP) motor and 2.5” rear rollers, making for a smooth and quiet walk or run. The machine has one-touch controls, so you can easily adjust your speed from 0 to 12mph and your incline to 40% or decline to -5%.

We love that you can customize the console height so that the display, heart rate sensors and fan are in the right position for you.

NordicTrack X22i: Design and display

NordicTrack Commercial 2950 review: image shows NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill display

(Image credit: Maddy Bidulph)

Make no mistake, the NordicTrack X22i is a beast of a treadmill with a footprint of   81” x 39” x 76” , so you need a big space to store it. It looks like a gym treadmill and is rather commanding in both size and design.

The tread deck offers a roomy workout surface and the 22” x 60” belt is thick and springy thanks to its FlexSelect Cushioning system (this makes it feel like a firm road run while being easy on the joints). 

We love the huge 22” touchscreen display, which is super easy to navigate and has one-touch controls for ease of customization during your workout. There are two big speakers and dual fans built into the front of the console, as well as space for two water bottles or your phone. You’re not short of handrails on the NordicTrack X22i treadmill – there are two on the side of the display and above the main running deck.

NordicTrack X22i: Features

Image showing NordicTrack X22i treadmill with incline

(Image credit: NordicTrack )

A huge draw of the NordicTrack X22i treadmill is the range of workouts available – 40 pre-programmed ones, daily lives and over 16,000 on-demand classes! You need an iFit subscription to access this virtual content, but there are 30 days free included with your purchase.

The impressive 22” HD touchscreen is easy and intuitive to use, and the iFit Coach-ready console means you can try a new workout every day, track your progress, replicate runs with Google Maps, compete with friends and customize your training to meet your fitness goals.

Another big sell is the 3.6 CHP motor, which has continuous power even at a heavy incline. Speaking of which, the sheer range of decline and incline options – -5% to 40% – makes the NordicTrack X22i treadmill worth the price alone. The 40% incline feels similar to walking up a flight of stairs, so you can actually use the machine in a similar way to a Stairmaster or elliptical trainer in this mode.

Core metrics tracked include incline, time elapsed and remaining, calories, distance, vertical feet climbed, speed, pace (minutes/mile), lap number and heart rate. You can monitor heart rate on the NordicTrack X22i treadmill through the dual an iFit Bluetooth chest strap, which is sold separately.

NordicTrack Commercial 2950: Performance

NordicTrack X22i with incline applied to treadmill

(Image credit: Future)

As you’d expect from a treadmill of this price and calibre, the NordicTrack X22i is a high-performing bit of kit, thanks to its 2.6 CHP motor, which can support top speeds of 12mph.

We love the incline and decline range – this kind of incline training helps to recruit muscles in different ways for better tone and definition and is great for weight loss and calorie burning. We enjoyed adjusting the incline and decline alongside iFit Coach Google Maps workouts and doing runs along scenic paths. Some programs are cardio-only, while others combine treadmill exercise with strength training, which is a nice touch.

The NordicTrack X22i treadmill has ‘WhisperQuiet’ technology, so even when you’re running at full speed it’s still surprisingly quiet. We tested noise levels with a decibel (dB) counter and found that a one-mile walk was about 60 dB (the same as a conversation), while a 2.5-mile jog at a leisurely pace with incline and decline and different speeds was 75 dB – this is similar to the noise of a vacuum cleaner.

As you might expect, a run at max speed for 2.5 miles was about 80 dB, the equivalent of a lawnmower. We also tested noise levels on a guided hiking workout in Ecuador (with amazing views and a friendly, motivating instructor) and that was also 80 dB.

It’s really easy to start and stop the treadmill, and we like the tread on the side of the deck, which helps with traction and is anti-slip. Because the NordicTrack X22i treadmill has such a great incline and decline range, this is a good option for anyone who likes to push themselves on hill runs or downhill slopes.

Should you buy NordicTrack X22i?

Is the NordicTrack X22i worth it? True, this is an expensive bit of kit but the high-quality design and range of workouts make this a solid investment for new and old runners alike. With its heavy-duty motor, great design and intuitive controls, it’s super easy to use and provides an excellent running experience.

There’s a ton of workouts to get your teeth into, all run by motivating and knowledgeable instructors who are good at pushing you to your best ability. 

If you’ve got space and the budget, the NordicTrack X22i treadmill is a great investment that can help you reach your fitness goals and improve your running experience, all from the comfort of your own home.

If this product isn’t for you

On a budget? The Famistar W500C portable folding electric treadmill is an affordable starter machine, coming in at just $599. It doesn’t have an incline and can only get up to 6.2mph, so this is best suited to people who want to use a treadmill for walking or jogging. It includes an inbuilt USB port and audio jack with speakers.

The ProForm Pro 9000 is a good, mid-range treadmill ($1299) with a touchscreen console, powerful 3.0 CHP motor and inbuilt cooling system. What’s more, you can fold it up to stow it out of the way, and it has advanced shock absorbers to help protect joints during a workout.

If money isn’t an issue, the Peloton Tread is a well-designed, high-performance treadmill, which offers a huge variety of live and on-demand workouts. It retails at $2495 (plus an extra subscription fee to Peloton app, $39/month) so it’s not cheap, but still a little less than this machine.

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