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hydrow1 Hydrow

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Using a rowing machine is an excellent way to get a full-body workout in while also exercising your mind and improving focus. The Hydrow Rower, with its sleek design and touch screen, stands out from other popular rowers thanks to its library of immersive instructional videos, similar to Peloton or iFit. It's CNET's pick for the best rowing machine overall -- and now until Nov. 8, it's on sale for $500 off. Oh, and it's one of Oprah's Favorite Things this year. (Gayle has reportedly already given the rower to some of her friends.) 

The sale takes the Hydrow down from $2,295 to $1,795. Although still pricey (there's a monthly membership fee of $38 for the classes, too), you'll be saving a major chunk of change if you've had your eye on this rower but have been holding off on purchasing. The $500 reduced price also applies to packaged purchases when you buy a Hydrow , so you'll still be able to save if you want the extras -- foam rollers, yoga blocks, resistance bands and more. The Hydrow Rower's touch screen pivots away from the screen for floor workouts. 

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