today is Jan 17, 2022

foam.png Day 1

If you've shopped for foam rollers before, you'll know they're oddly expensive considering a roller is essentially a hunk of foam and plastic. You can spend as much as $50 on one but you shouldn't. Right now, grab a discounted  two-pack of Day 1 foam rollers with a strategic nodule pattern (fancy word for bumps) to give your arms, legs, back and neck a nice deep massage. The duo is just  $14 on SideDeal

But, wait. There's more. Plunk in our exclusive code CNETFS at checkout, and it'll cover the cost of shipping.

Massage rollers are an excellent way to stretch out key muscles before and after a workout or athletic endeavor and keep yourself from getting sore. These discounted rollers are available in black teal or orange and come fitted with a nylon carrying case. Each one can withstand up to 500 pounds without losing shape.

So go ahead. Kick, stretch and save on a two-pack of rollers for $14 while they're still in stock. And don't forget the code CNETFS for free shipping. 

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