today is Jan 17, 2022

  • NextShark

    MMA fighter defends boba shop owner from upset customer wanting sushi in viral video

    What happened: In the video posted on Nov. 2 by journalist John Hyon Ko, the customer, who was blurred out, can be heard speaking to the boba shop owner in a condescending way for not selling sushi. Watch #MMA prospect Khai Wu diffuse a situation with an unhinged customer. In the video, the customer, who appears to be intoxicated, says that the owner does not speak English; however, Wu, who heard the conversation, stands up and confronts the customer.

  • Kotaku

    Halo Infinite Improves Grindy Battle Pass, Gives Out Bonus Gift

    Microsoft has announced updates to Halo Infinite’s battle pass ahead of schedule, following widespread backlash at how it awards XP. While it won’t address all of the underlying criticisms, these new tweaks will definitely make the grind a little more palatable in the weeks leading up to the game’s full December 8 launch.