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Building that muscular and well-toned physique is not a walk in the park. Strength training needs you to have 100% self-discipline and perseverance. Many people try to grow their muscles using different strategies but end up quitting along the way. What could be the problem? Why are you not getting any results? Is it the technique you are using or your dietary choice that is not yielding the desired results?

Numerous businesspersons have found they can invest in producing training and nutritional programs that claim to help you grow your muscles 100%. Likewise, thousands of steroid drug manufacturers claim their supplements and pills can build your muscles effectively. Unfortunately, each individual is unique, and some of these muscle-growing strategies may only give positive results to just a fraction of people.

Today, finding a decent trainer can be a daunting task. More often, you will find people who have hired training coaches who promise to deliver good results. However, some of these trainers may not have a good physique themselves. In addition, some trainers secretly consume anabolics to gain muscles but dupe unsuspecting customers that their strength training methods are 100% drug-free.

What exactly is Vince’s Gym?

The “Iron Guru,” aka Vince Gironda, was a foul-mouthed coach in the 1940s. Today, Vince’s muscle training techniques are considered straightforward and can give you the results you desire. Vince’s Gym is several decades old and is responsible for training some of the best popular actors, including Carl Weathers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mohammad Mackay. Vince’s California-based Gym started as a small training center. However, his old-school methods saw thousands of people flocking and paying huge amounts to get personal training. Vince’s methods focused on performing the right exercises to build power and resistance, unlike other previous strength training techniques. In addition, Vince’s methods include diet plans that provide the users with the energy they need to expel in the Gym. The world-renowned coach is also the inventor of several exercises such as Muscle Confusion, Guillotine Press, six by six, eight by eight, among others still in use today.

How does Vince’s Gym Work

Unlike in the past when people had to interact with their strength-training coach physically, today’s technological advances make it possible to access Vince’s Gym regardless of your location on the planet. You can easily subscribe to Vince’s Gym as long as you have proper digital devices and a reliable internet connection. Vince’s Gym is a training program that you can comfortably participate in comfortably at home. Vince’s Gym customers undergo training for twelve months. All the strength-training techniques are based on Vince’s old-school muscle-building techniques. Vince’s training methods are grueling, strenuous, and cumbersome; thus, if you do not have enough perseverance, then, most probably, you will quit along the way.

First Phase (Three Months) 8 by 8 Workout

During the first phase, which runs for three months consecutively, you must perform the eight-by-eight workout. According to the maker of this program, this workout is difficult, but it is the first step towards growing the first muscles. Fundamentally, the eight by eight involves split training of four lifts.

Second Phase (Three Months) Muscle Definition

During this phase, your metabolism will increase, and you will start getting lean muscles. As a result, your weight will also significantly reduce, and your body gets conditioned to burn fat quickly.

Third Phase (Three Months) 6 by 6 Workout

According to Vince’s Gym maker, by this time, you have a shredded and lean physique. The six-by-six workout will help you grow thicker arms, massive calves, and a broader back. By the end of the third phase, you have muscles that have grown in mass and density.

Fourth Phase (Three Months) Bulk Up

If you start Vince’s Gym program in January, the fourth phase comes when several festivities, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, are about to be celebrated. During celebrations, it’s practically impossible to stick to a strict diet plan. The fourth phase allows you to indulge in whatever dish you fancy, while the training technique focuses on building your size and strength.

Why should you invest in Vince’s Gym?

1. According to Vince’s Gym creators, you will grow a permanent muscular sculpt that you desire by the end of 12 months. In addition, the maker of this program assures customers that they will develop muscles naturally without the use of anabolics which can affect their health. Additionally, Gironda’s old-school training techniques yield you permanent muscles, unlike steroid-induced muscles, which can later disappear.

2. When you subscribe to Vince’s Gym, the maker assures customers that they will experience new energy levels, helping them stay active and focused for extended periods. Additionally, you will grow endurance and stamina to complete physical tasks that previously appeared too hard.

3. Vince’s Gym uses natural and safe methods of growing muscles. According to the creator of this program, all the techniques have been tried and tested to ensure safety. Similarly, Vince’s Gym diet plans and nutritional programs are 100% safe.

4. After the 12-month training period, Vince’s Gym maker claims you will be bubbling with youth. The training techniques help you to burn fat, and the diet plan improves your general health condition. Thus, you will feel like you are aging in reverse.

5. Vince’s Gym can significantly boost your confidence. According to the maker of this program, you will acquire a muscular and well-toned physique and will have people staring and admiring; thus, you feel good.

What makes Vince’s Gym stand out?

After subscribing to Vince’s Gym, you will receive a training program that lasts for twelve months. During this period, Vince’s Gym will aid in increasing your strength and transforming your sculpt.

Vince’s Gym members have 24/7 access to Vince’s Vault. According to the maker of this program, Vince’s Vault is an online training program that provides you with several crucial resources that will help you throughout the training journey. In addition, Vince’s Vault can provide you with answers to some of the questions you have, and all the information is available 24/7.

Once you become part of Vince’s Gym, you will get instant access to The Iron Guru’s online community. The training journey can be long and tiresome if you do not cheer and wish you the best. The Iron Guru’s online community is made of other fitness enthusiasts who can give you morale towards body-building. When other bodybuilders surround you, you can trade ideas and hints to help you achieve your goals. In addition, Iron Guru’s members are entitled to a 10% discount when they purchase dietary supplements from NSP Supplements. NSP Supplements dates back to 1972, and its founder is Vince Gironda. According to Vince, the dietary supplement company provides you with nutritional products that ensure you realize your goals quickly.

Vince’s Gym membership directly gives you the right to be part of the monthly live events. The monthly live events enable interactions with Vince’s Gym website managers, who promptly answer any of your queries. In addition, the monthly live events help you to gauge whether you are on the right track.

One of Vince Gironda’s best-selling books, a masterpiece, Wild Physique, is a rare book whose hard copy version went out of print several years ago. Wild Physique hard copy version retails at more than two hundred dollars in selected stores. However, Vince’s Gym members get the digital version of this book for free. Wild Physique contains numerous strength training exercises, diet plans, and some of Vince’s training secrets. In addition, you will directly learn from renowned experts like Larry Scott and Mohamed Makkawy.


What are the advantages of Vince’s Gym?

  • You are assured of getting help and advice from experienced bodybuilders. Similarly, you will participate in forums that can help you achieve your goals.
  • Vince’s Gym training manuals and courses are comprehensive.
  • After completing Vince’s Gym’s training program, you will become healthier, which improves longevity and vitality.
  • Vince’s Gym’s training guide allows you to perform the tasks at your own pace. According to the maker, you can fit daily strength training exercises into your daily schedule.
  • According to Vince’s Gym developer, most bodybuilders get a boost of confidence through resistance training.

What are the disadvantages of Vince’s Gym?

  • You will need a lot of discipline and patience to complete Vince’s Gym training program. Strength training while alone can easily make you quit.
  • You may need to purchase some of the training equipment to perform Vince’s Gym exercises. As a result, Vince’s Gym can be costly.

How can you purchase Vince’s Gym training program

As per the official Vince’s Gym page, you can only purchase this product from their official website. Vince’s Gym training lasts for twelve months, and you can make a single payment. The maker of Vince’s Gym program offers a money-back guarantee of up to 60 days. Thus, if you feel this program won’t work for you, you can ask for a full refund 60 days from purchase.


Vince Gironda remains the world’s greatest strength trainer. His students are among world-renowned actors, while his old school methods are said to have worked for thousands of people. Training in a physical gym gives you the morale to endure and continue training. Vince’s Gym is only accessible via the online platform. Thus, you should only get this program if you are ready to put in a lot of effort. When you feel like quitting, ensure you get motivation from Iron Guru’s online community. After a year, Vince’s Gym claims you will be proud of your body transformation.

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